Friday, February 28, 2014

Vengeance is sweet


  1. He was screaming like a little bitch - payback.

  2. here in western nc we are being bombarded by ads for Bristol motor speedways up coming race in march.they use to have standing room only from the 1960s till about they have to advertise no one is going from the south anymore because we have apparently forgot how to win!!but if you do a little looking around you find that th france family Hendricks childers bruton smith etal don't want to be a southern sport anymore according to a pbs documentatrie and their own magicly the Yankees start winning and the soutrons start losing how is this possible my belief is its the gas when I was a young man back in the sixties you could pull up to a Sunoco station and dial up whatever octan you wanted right at the pump.i know young'uns hard to believe. and so I think since nascar supplies the gas and measures the the restriters plates you might as well be watching wrasslen your friend truckwilkins