Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Gun Porn

Smith and Wesson.

I love the old ammo, the quality blueing on the back gun, and the honest muzzle wear on the front gun.


  1. I recently acquired one issued as a duty weapon in the 60's. It would be fun to shoot, I even bought new ammo for it, but I just look at it a lot…

    1. Oh, shoot it for sure. It is made to shoot, and it would be hard to hurt it unless you were pushing ++P down the barrel.

  2. I love old S&Ws too, especially in the lower velocity less noisy rounds. A .357 snubbie for me is brutal, but a .38 Spcl. in same gun is not bad. One of my best plinkers is a 1917 .45ACP revolver, just fun to shoot.