Friday, February 21, 2014

SR - 71 Blackbird engine on full afterburner

Who brought the marshmallows?


  1. When I was working graveyard shift at Hill Air Force Base, Utah, as a Department of Defense civilian police officer, one night an SR-71 "Blackbird" had to make an emergency landing.

    The aircraft made it in okay, and our shift supervisor allowed time for each patrol to go to the hangar and see the SR-71 "Blackbird".

    When I walked into the hangar and saw that thing from in front of its nose, my immediate impression was it looked just like a spacecraft from the movie, "STAR WARS".

    Years later, when living in Idaho, I met and became friends with one of the pilots, who had retired to his farm.

    He had video of himself ejecting from the SR-71 "Blackbird" when it caught fire.