Sunday, February 16, 2014

More gun manufacturing jobs move south

This time to Huntsville, Alabama.

   "Remington Outdoor Co., previously known as the Freedom Group, expects to announce a major expansion to a new facility in Huntsville, Ala., as early as next week. According to two sources with knowledge of the property sale, the deal has been in the works for months and ROC executives plan to sign the papers Monday finalizing the sale of a 500,000-square-foot facility that will add approximately 25 percent more space to Remington’s existing 2.1 million square feet of existing manufacturing real estate."

  "Before settling on Hunstville, the company was courted by no less than 24 states and various localities hoping to add hundreds of new jobs to their economies. State and local entities in Alabama made economic concessions to attract the company, sources say.  The selection of the Huntsville area makes sense, with a skilled and technical workforce already in place. The area is home to the Army’s Redstone Arsenal, which has 35,000 military and civilian employees."

The New South is developing a real industrial base, especially in arms manufacturing.  If the Civil War were fought again today, the South would be in a much stronger position than in the 1860's, both from an industrial standpoint, as well as in a solid commitment to the Constitution and it's principles.

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