Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A badass...

... as observed in his natural habitat.

The quote:

"I felt no pain, but I certainly never thought for a moment that I would come out alive. I was rather calm, as a matter of fact, except for a tremendous and wildly pleasant thrill I felt, knowing that I was battling for my life."

Taxidermy apparently wasn't for sissies back in the 1800's.  Carl Akeley, pioneer taxidermist and African traveller, wasn't a taking any chit from anyone, especially hungry wild leopards.  

Remember, back then there were no antibiotics, he was in Africa, and the fact that he didn't get an infection and die from being scratched and bitten up by a ferocious predator qualifies as badassery in and of itself.  Eat your heart out, Indiana Jones!


  1. FECK YEA! Crazy badassery.
    I like his description of the thrill he felt -I'm sure he's not exaggerating.

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