Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Plan

     "When Kenny Lovelace took Molly Ryan to Coors Field to see the Colorado Rockies play the Arizona Diamondbacks last week, he had a diamond ring in his back pocket and a big plan.

Lovelace had already informed Ryan's parents that he planned on asking Molly to be his wife and that he was going to project the romantic question on the stadium's jumbotron. 

Lovelace, the entire Ryan family, and secretly hired wedding photographer Kerinsa Mullins, made their way to the stadium for an unforgettable and comedic night.

But their camera ready moment was ruined when a disgruntled old woman watching the game made her feelings known ."

The picture:

Hey grandma, you tell those whippersnappers to leave you the hell alone!  


  1. Personally I hate jack wagons that feel they have to share a moment that should be personal with the whole effing world. I will gladly endure your narcissistic need to be the center of attention IF I can also be present when she serves your dumb ass with divorce papers in a few years. Go Granny!!!!
    Richard Cranium.