Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Another company goes from blue to red.

The Detroitization of California by it's progressive leaders and the parasitic voters who elect them continues. 

  "Another tech firm is moving out of California.  Roseville-based Revionics is heading for Austin, Texas, making it another hit to the local economy.  

"Daegis moving their headquarters from Roseville to Dallas, you have Volcano corportation moving production jobs out of Rancho, you have Revionics now moving its headquarters to Austin Texas..."
According to Brothers, there are a myriad of reason why companies are preferring to move to Texas, Florida, or even Nevada, but they all can be traced to the legislature being dominated by pro-union, anti-business interests, having plenty to say about state lawmakers' part in the trend,
"it's not all that healthy.  They're on the sides of unions at every turn and have been portrayed as anti-business."
Brothers says it ends with businesses simply throwing up their hands and walking away from California due to high rates of taxation and over regulation. 

Soon the progressives will make an attempt to either tax capital leaving the state, or prevent is altogether, in a desperate effort to avoid the consequences of their own sick ideology.  It's not as it this same ideology hasn't been tried over and over again, with the same failure, multiple times in the last hundred years.  Some never learn.


  1. It recently happened to France too.

  2. Austin is the bluest city in TX so they still get to enjoy the liberal/marxist mindset.