Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Black bear invades the capitol city of Nevada, crashes Nevada Day parade

Looks like the "wild" is closer than you think in Nevada.

The capitol of the state is Nevada City, and I was just there while participating in the Scratch and Spit yearly get together.  The day after we were in Carson City was the Nevada Day parade, so that bear was probably lurking around in the nearby hills, just waiting to pillage his human victims!

On the other hand, Carson City folk are a bit bearlike themselves.

Actually, at last years S&S, a black bear got into the trash just outside the door to our cabin, and the five of us had to shoo him away.  Nothing like having a 300 pound bruin right outside your door.  Fortunately for us, we outnumbered him, and he ambled off, but not really very willingly.  If it had been just one of us, maybe raw human (sushi for bears) could have been on the menu that year.

Hat tip to Lou and Eric for the above.

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