Saturday, September 11, 2021

The Trident



  1. Funny, In my suburban smaller town not far from the big city I saw a trident car in the lot of a high dollar mechanic next to a building I was at. Asked someone in the lot whats up? Tranny trashed. I just chuckled.

  2. I saw several 1980s era Quatroportes in Tucson. A friend had one and it was a total tank of a car. Although smaller than most Cadillacs, I believe it was at least 25% heavier. The engine was good, when it ran, but not really up to the task of getting that massive car off the line.

    IMO, the team at Maserati lost their way sometime in the late 60s and vehicles since then have been for drivers more interested in fulfilling a vanity niche for an Italian 'exotic'.

  3. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, sounds like a Maserati. Such a sweet noise.