Saturday, September 18, 2021

The arrival of F-117s at Fresno-Yosemite International Airport in California to train against resident F-15C/Ds from the California Air National Guard's 144th Fighter Wing in an aggressor role.



  1. The F117 is in reality NOT a "fighter". It's a precision bomber...a subsonic plane that can't truly match up to a real fighter. It has no inherent air to air capabilities. In spite of being officially "retired" for almost 15 years the Air Force has been busy using the platform for experimentation. Most 'in the know' believe this experimenting has been to find ways for our forces to identify and track stealthy platforms in preparation for opposing the new "stealthy" jets being deployed by China and Russia. This training exercise is almost certainly related to developing that real world skill. The F15 platform is an excellent fighter....essentially unmatched. Except when it goes up against a stealthy platform where most of it's advantages are negated by NOT KNOWING the opponent is even present. We of course will not be told the true reason for these exercises or how they go. But at least they are occurring...and are necessary.

    1. Rumor has it they named it ""F" instead of "B" so more pilots would want to fly it.

    2. BS: there is no need to detect Chinese and Russian stealth fighters. China and Russia will call General Milley to tell him where they are.

    3. "The F15 platform is an excellent fighter....essentially unmatched."

      Except when there is a F22 in the sky. The F22 can do everything a F-15 Eagle can but adds more agility and speed with the added bonus of stealth technology. The cost to fly a F-22 is also much higher.

    4. The F 15 is still in production. The F 22 is not...and cannot be built because much of the tooling to do so no longer exists. The F 22 is an excellent plane but exists in such small numbers.....only about 180....that while useful they will NEVER be a major player for the Air Force.

    5. yeah. i see the tactical use of the F22 to be a peer of whatever awac system usaf fields in the future. using it as a hub for information processing and handing out the data to missile carrying F15. just as soon as F22 emmits, it becomes a target. F35 is an attack aircraft no matter what the fighter pilots say. F15c/d/e is the air combat system they all need to beat. and it is costing others bigtime. the IAF/IDF uses the F35 to do SEAD and provide a path for the actual heavy hitters.kind of sucks when you lose half your internal load to just carry a gun and ammo along in the F35. reminded me of the US Army buying aluminum bradleys while the israel defense force bought a steel armored bradley. why would that happen.