Monday, September 20, 2021

Houston, we have ignition...



  1. Some low-esteem nitwits will do anything to attract attention to themselves. What a show off!

  2. That is something I can honestly say I haven't done. Well, at least to the point of combustion and shredding anyway.

    Hopefully he was using used tires, and not his every day tires. But since it was a Mercedes, he probably has Mercedes money.

  3. That is exactly what I think of those idiotic burnout bullshit missions.

    1. So, I take It you're not a fan of turning money into smoke and noise? Were you never an adolescent?

  4. If it had a trigger or throttle, I was usually interested!

    A burnout in a pool of gasoline was not what you want. I think we were using laundry bleach at the drags for the bikes. No idea if it was bad for our lungs, but the melting tires were a problem. Didn't really care for that stinky wall of smoke. Getting them that hot didn't seem to help traction, either. Looked neat, was all it did.
    Saw a bike racer at Laguna Seca melt his tire "for the fans" (he was pissed off is why he did it) on the back section after the flag. Fellow racer didn't see him, and the collision ruined his race career, due to brain damage.