Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Home Made Artillery



  1. Early firearms included a handheld version very similar to that, small barrel on a stick.

  2. you don't need a license for medieval siege weapons...just saying

  3. Cast from longitudinal wrought iron staves reinforced with hoops of iron heated and shrunk on, exactly like a wooden barrel. Which is why we call the projectile tube of a gun, the “ barrel”.

  4. Now that is a shot-gun.

    I've been a good boy.
    I have the shop tools necessary.
    I think it's time to drop the hammer, so to speak, and have a chat with the lads at Dixie Gun Works, with a view to providing self with something similar.

    With the proviso that it's mainly a proof-of-concept test before embarking on the quest for a working 12-pdr Napoleon, with limber wagon.