Sunday, September 19, 2021

Fresh snow on Mount Shasta

Drove the orange car up to Mt. Shasta today, as yesterday's storm had cleaned out the air and freshened everything up nicely.

The view from the town of Mr. Shasta.  The snowline just nips the top of Shastina.

Avalanche Gulch, the most commonly used route to the summit.

The orange car and the monster in the background, sleeping for now, but wreathed in smoke and fume.


Looking like a scene from Mordor.

The lower country.  I believe those jagged peaks are Castle Crags.  The old Siskiyou trail went through here, running horses and cattle back and forth from California to the Columbia via the Willamette Valley.

A great drive on a Sunday afternoon.  Now, back to work next week.



  1. Imagine being on foot and seeing all those peaks ahead. One foot after the other...

  2. I believe the wife and I will drive down from Medford next week - in the grey car - Honda Element :-) to see the Shasta for perhaps the last time this year. I had a friend that lived around the Mountain who would call me from time to time, upon his sighting a lenticular cloud over the peak, and would always pose the question "I wonder what that damn mountain is up to now?" I never did have an answer. He was a delightful eccentric and a good friend. He passed away in his rental in Bisbee a number of years ago - which fact is fairly far afield (apt alliteration?) from the subject. Thanks for the pix.

  3. we stopped and ate at Bistro 107 in Mt Shasta before heading home Mrs CW

  4. Sometimes I miss living in Redding. Lots of great scenery and back country in that area. I sure don't miss working for Shasta County, though.

  5. Is this the first snowfall this year? Or do they come and go for a while before the snow sticks?

    Asking from Florida where it's August 51st.

  6. Those are great photos; I need to make a jaunt out that way and enjoy the America we have before it is revoked.

  7. I gotta say, Dodge did the retro thing far better than ford or chevy managed. Those big Mopars look damn good.