Saturday, September 11, 2021

Ferrari Abuse



  1. Dunno. Looks pretty loved to me. Product of running in the desert. I know all ferraris are red but that would look good with the paint stripped and a shine added.

  2. That looks a little like Casa Grande in the background which would put this picture along the Rio Grande in Big Bend, maybe.

  3. I'd rather see it like that than in prettier-than-showroom condition (i.e., flashier than new) wrapped-in-bubble-wrap-never-driven. They were race cars, for heavens' sake!

  4. Gawd forbid we actually, you know, drive our fucking cars. Fuck sake, even Enzo intended 'em to be used. Fat guys with lawn chairs, feather dusters and enclosed trailers are a laughing stock.

    1. I do agree with your sentiments. if the dang thing wasn't meant to be driven to hell and back, it wouldn't have wheels on it. still, wire knock offs are a turn off for me. too many years of putzing around in a mg.