Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Progressive Antifa loving Washington State Governor heckled off the stage in the Tri-Cities, an area he used to represent.

Now, if we could do this with all the idiot progressive governors.

Speaking outdoors at Columbia Basin College in Pasco, Inslee was repeatedly interrupted by hecklers as he urged residents to wear masks to prevent the spread of the virus.

“Open it up,” one heckler shouted in an apparent reference to widespread business closures in the Tri-Cities of Richland, Pasco and Kennewick. The community is still in Stage I of the pandemic, which means most businesses are shut down.
The heckling continued as a masked Inslee spoke. Finally the Democratic governor, who used to represent the Tri-Cities in the U.S. House, had had enough.
“We’re going to go inside,” he said.

Time for tar and feathers.  Way past time.


  1. If the progs re-elect him, then the good people of Washington State can suck eggs. They put this loser into the governor's mansion in the first place. They have elected all of these scumbags. Is there a recall mechanism? If so, they can activate that option and walk precincts, collecting signatures if they want to, after they get off work.

    There is a lot of hand wringing over the politicians that the public put into office. Do something about it.

  2. Time for the Evergreen State to bring back the OWL Party.

  3. I live in the said TriCities. Inslee wormed his way in as a Representative, did not one thing, got turfed after a single term, then doodled around before running as a carpetbagger in a West Side (i.e. more in love with Democrats) district.

    Life long politician, never done a lick of work in his life, except for a stint as a lawyer.

    There's no love lost for Inslee in this part of Washington, and he knows it. Rarely shows up here. Clearly he couldn't stand the heat, so had to leave the kitchen.

  4. It's getting close to time for some ambush ridicule in front of large audiences. Eg: Subject walks onto stage. Overhead bucket #1 dumps thick corn syrup, large blowers stage left and right send a feather storm for top-dressing. Twitter/facebook photo storm follows.

    Don't forget: is a very good resource.