Wednesday, July 29, 2020



  1. That's quite the racist picture. The recognition of the various groups is weighted towards the - wait for it - black person.

    By seeking to portray themselves as the 'unracist', they go too far the other way. It is because they are so damned concerned with color. They are still racist.

    It's akin to the person who says, 'I don't see color.' Of course you do, you just try to make yourself blind. You're not fooling anyone. So, other than being concerned with color, what is your reason for making such an asinine comment? To test them, try saying something negative about a colored person.

    The true non-racist would be comfortable in saying to hell with you all no matter the color.


  2. Skin color should be an identifier. Like "he's got green hair and black skin." Other than that, nothing else. Should be.

    Almost got fired for saying, one time in a diversity meeting, that the first thing I saw was fellow employees. Just about the whole diversity side of the meeting called bullshite on men, while the (white) lineworkers just laughed, not at me, but at them.

    Still, almost got me fired. No one from HR or management could believe that I felt that way.

    1. Your hairist! Yep, going thru "race conversations" at work. Just keeping quiet, but next meeting I might not. Since I am only a contractor there, I have no protection like the FTEs who have unions to back them up, but I might just have to pipe up. Good folks, really, but still if I piss off just one person, might be curtains for me. Pffft!

  3. Of course the purpose of "anti-racism" is to promote racial (and ethnic) division. Short of raw force, which is probably not practical in a heavily armed population, the best way for a small group to maintain power is to ensure that there is no general social cohesion.