Saturday, July 25, 2020

I will survive!


  1. Florida... Ya hafta drop a sheet or two of paper on top of the monster to get it to catch enough wave to go down. DAMHIK.

  2. I would need an underwear change.
    Beans. Another item on the, "Why I don't live in Florida" list.

    1. Then there are the spiders that string thick webs that feel like they are strong enough to unseat you when using a riding lawnmower or on a horse.

      But... well, beats frozen crap from the sky. I can handle wet, nasty bugs, occasional tropical storms and stupid yankees and snowbirds, but frozen? Nope.

  3. Not long ago I saw a spider bit on the web.

    People who say out of sight, out of mind have never had a spider disappear in the their bedroom.

  4. At this point I would commit to a shiny new porcelain bowl, since the current one will be shattered into broken pottery by several incoming hollowpoint .357 rounds.