Monday, April 6, 2020

Ancient Greek Helmets


  1. Being a veteran and knowing that US helmets have liners that allow a space between the head and the actual helmet (it also cushions the helmet), I have often wondered about ancient armor, from the Medieval period back to ancient Rome, did soldiers simply wear these things resting on their heads, or did these helmets also have some sort of liner? If it's resting directly on the head, a strong blow to a helmet would kill or stun the soldier. Anyone know if these ancient helmets used some kind of liner?

    1. Yes, typically some sort of padded cloth.

    2. That was a good question, Amahl; and thank you for the answer Larry.


    3. Thanks both of you. I should have realized that, human behavior and human smarts haven't changed that much in 3000 years, so I guess even the Etruscans would have used some kink of padding. OK thanks!

    4. Actually its a pet peeve of mine to see in WWII movies the actors only wearing the helmet shell not the steel cover. If you see the rivet on each side its just the shell.

    5. But the steel is heavy...