Friday, February 14, 2020

If anybody wants a razor....

Stefan can get you a high quality, very sharp razor.

Right now he's got two I can certainly recommend.  Take a gander:

This one's another Hellberg like the one I just bought from him.  The steel quality is extremely high, and it comes with a cool etch as well.  I also favor the frameback style this one has.

The Mercedes of Swedish steel, an Erik Anton Berg.  Note the famous shark logo.  This one would be the razor I'd want if I was trapped on a desert island and could only have one.

Either of these would be nimble, pleasant shaving tools to use every day and which would leave your face dolphin smooth.   I just bought one so I've got to wait a reasonable length of time before I get another, but if I was just a little crazier I'd score one of these two. 


  1. I actually came across those last night! I need to convince my wife it's a sign. :)

  2. The E.A. Berg is already gone. I'll try for the Hellberg if she who control the Exchequer approves.

    1. All I can add is that Mrs. CW thinks shaving with a straight is manly. She'll approve.