Sunday, February 9, 2020

Biden is just losing it. He's just one enormous faux-pas away from knocking himself out of the race, and every day his staff handlers have to live in fear that he will do just that.

Signs of dementia: Labile emotions, confusion (word finding, losing train of thought), disoriented geographically, timelines are disjointed, easily agitated, and behaving in a sexually inappropriate fashion, such as all the sniffing and grouping.


  1. Every election should have comic relief.

    1. If I wanted comic relief in a campaign I'd suggest Groucho Marx join the ticket. Plugs is as pathetic as a cripple trying to walk with a rubber crutch.

  2. Who knows, his staff might well know that he will eventually knock himself out of the race. If that is not the case already........

  3. Why do Biden and Sanders always scream at me?