Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Baghdad experienced snowfall for the first time in over a decade on Tuesday, in what meteorologists claim is the biggest snowfall in Iraq for the past century.

But, my global warming!!

According to the Iraqi Meteorological Organization, the country is currently experiencing a cold polar air mass, which reached its climax early on Tuesday morning. Current weather forecasts indicate that the air mass will cover the entire country, causing a sharp fall in temperatures.
“Snowfall may continue until Wednesday given the very cold weather,” Amer al-Jaberi, media head of the Iraqi Meteorological Centre, told the AFP. “This cold wave came from Europe.”
If the sun doesn't fire up with more sunspots in the near future, they might see snow a bit more frequently.  Mini Ice Age on the way.


  1. Climate activists assert that global warming can cause global cooling. You need to understand common core math to reach that conclusion, or you can just drop acid. In either event, paying more taxes to climate scientists and their political allies can save us all.

  2. Al Gore and his child bride Greta had simultaneous orgasms when they heard this news.