Friday, October 18, 2019

This looks like a great idea


  1. If this thing had velcro partitions for the main compartment, it would make
    for a great gadget bag for a DSLR camera system. The worst decision I
    ever made was to get biten by the shutter bug! A half dozen friggin' bags
    from one that will hold a body and a small lens to a monster backpack that
    holds 10 lenses, two bodies, filters, lens hoods, and a ton of other camera

    It sits in my closet unused unless I go on a trip or outing. Nothing can
    vacuum 500 dollars out of ones pocket faster than asking the clerk at a
    camera shop, "What kind of tripod do I need with this 200-500mm zoom lens?"

  2. Make sure you strap that in with a seat belt lest it goes on the floor with a hard stop. Used a Samsonite hard briefcase for years when I was assigned to patrol

  3. The yellow things by the EMT shears are ASP cuffs! Badgers love ASP cuffs!