Monday, October 28, 2019

Go fast, we'll probably make it...


  1. Probably a syncro, they were built for that.

  2. My brother and I call that "The Momentum Theory" depending on intertia to bull your way through.

    But . . .

    Not on liquid, the water will splash high, covering windshield and likely drown out the engine. Driving through high water, the fan splashed water into distributor cap, causing us to have to stop and spraying with WD-40, removing the moisture.

  3. THe VW Syncro was built for this, look on youtube for the VWs crossing the river...
    There is one where they have to drift 300' feet downstream before they got to the other side, I couldn't find it.

    Snorkel intake, protected ignition/electronics, locking differentials.

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