Tuesday, October 29, 2019

USA Made


  1. Nice, but I've really gotten spoiled by my Milwaukee ratcheting screwdriver.

  2. I ended up with this set, I needed a bit & this was all the store had.
    Turned out to be one of those "what did I do without this?" tools. It's in the tool bag with the Channellock pliers, Fluke multi-meter, looong needle nose pliers, wire cutters and electrical tape...

  3. I have a Craftsman screwdriver that I bought almost 40 years ago. My loved and trusted buddy doubles as a pry bar, chisel, crevice cleaner, etc when not doing it's primary job. I recently bought a new set of Craftsman screwdrivers, and the "same" screwdriver from the set can't even open a paint can without bending the tip.

    1. I bought a set of DeWalts last year that I am quite pleased with.

  4. I was afraid everything was going to ergonomic handles, I find them clunky after a lifetime of using regular handles, To each his own. Like to get me a set of these.