Monday, October 28, 2019

I like how in LA they let everyone just drive past, no problem.

Big fire on the 405 (where you drive four, or five, miles an hour), at the Getty/Sepulveda Pass.

I just drove past this a couple weeks ago, and saw all the brush.  But, in that same area they had another big fire a year or two ago, and the hillside looks pretty good where that happened.  A lot less thick brush, but otherwise you'd never know this kind of fire went through.

Burns like this look apocalyptic, but they are actually quite normal, and more or less good for the countryside.  In reality, it's environmentally abnormal to go decades without one.

The Getty is at the top of the canyon, on the shady side, though, so the trees are much thicker there.  I'm sure with all that money they've managed their property to survive a fire like this.  Or at least they should have.

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  1. Only in California do they promote the generation of electricity with the velocity of high wind-power and then turn off the electricity when the wind velocity gets too high.