Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Bald Eagles at work

At the office yesterday, for some reason I glanced up and out the window, and there were two bald eagles out flying over the river here in Redding, being harassed by a red tailed hawk.  The hawk would dive at the pair, and then, just like a scene from Marty Stouffer's Wild America, the target eagle would swing around mid flight and they'd go talon to talon.

I had no idea hawks and eagles didn't get along.

Sorta like this, but higher, without the tree:


  1. And crows don't like either hawks or eagles.

  2. Or Owls for that matter. We've got a nesting pair of Red Shouldered Hawks on the property and they go ballistic at the first sign of a Red Tail.

  3. Speaking of owls, I like to watch the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam -

    Here is an example of an owl attack:

    SWFL Eagles ~ Owl Strikes Harriet HARD ~ Knocking Her From Perch! ~ H & M Give Chase! 10.26.19

  4. They're all nest raiders so none like the others.