Thursday, July 12, 2018

Well, that's unfortunate.


  1. The weak link in the JK Jeep are the axles...especially the front one. If you run the 35 or 37 inch aftermarket tires everyone loves you stress the axle housing......stress it enough and it breaks. Hardcore wheelers upgrade to Dana 60's or Ford truck axles.

  2. A friend "upgraded" his old Land Rover to a Toyota Land Cruiser because he was worried about this happening & thought the Toyota was much stronger in the front.

    He went over one not-very-big jump, that he'd done before with his old Rover with no problem, and he got the result we see here. He wasn't happy!

    Another friend, who'd bought the old Rover from him, had a hard time keeping the smile off his face.

  3. i recall LR made its name in off road tech by actually training owners in the use of their vehicles in england.
    owners today need training in putting the damn phone down when they drive.

  4. Yeah, he needs to adjust the camber on that front end or the tires wear will be awful.