Sunday, July 29, 2018

Simple, Clean, Beautiful

1960 Jeep CJ-5


  1. I used to drive one of these, a year or two younger, hunting on a ranch in S Texas. What a joy. Hurricane-4 cylinder, double-clutching first. If you get high-centered, three guys can lift it off with a little effort. Beats a Mule any day of the week.

  2. I could fall in love with that!

  3. In '65 or -6 I was a ramp rat at the Austin airport for Tree Top Airways - TTA, now Texas International. Part of the drill was to drive the Jeep around the terminal to the baggage claim last thing at night to see whether there was anything left over from the last flight.

    My pardner and me went around one night and just as we turned the corner to where the boss couldn't see us, a jackrabbit appeared in the headlights. My buddy didn't even take a breath. He just floored it and we went bucketing across the sagebrush after old Bugs.

    Eventually we gave up, and turned the Jeep around to go back to the terminal - and realized the boys in the tower had a ringside seat to the whole deal.

    Nobody ever said a word, and neither did we.

  4. The Mahindra Roxor is a off-road vehicle based on the old Willys Jeep CJ3. They were just released last spring. Diesel powered. Unfortunately not street legal.

  5. Our first one was a 1968 many years ago. We just bought a 1967 and my hope is to bring it back to what it looked like back then. Love the Hurricane 4 and I never needed help with the old one to get anywhere I wanted to go.

  6. This was the Commercial Version of the W-O M-38A1 Jeep, the Ultimate Version of the 1/4-Ton 4x4 Truck. M-38A1C had a 106-MM Recoilless Rifle, M-38A1D had a Recoilless Howitzer firing the W-54 'Atomic Watermelon' Shell. Look Up "Davey Crocket Weapons System" and "Pentomic Divisions"