Friday, July 27, 2018

Your Good News of the Day: The economy is growing, and the pace of growth is accelerating.

The Experts and the Uniparty (Democrats and Swamp Republicans) predicted:

Along with the first estimate of Q2 GDP Growth at 4.1% (exceptionally strong), the BEA increased the Q1 growth rate to 2.2% (previously 2%).
Growth in U.S. exported goods was massive at 13.3%.   That is HUGE.
Growth in U.S. imported goods was very small at 1.0%.  That is great.
The combination of massive increases in exports, and minimal growth in imports, led to a net increase in overall GDP from exports of 1.06%.   Let that sink in.
WE DID NOT DEDUCT from GDP growth due to the net result of imports/exports. 
We actually exported more goods than we imported.
Meanwhile, Democrats are worried sick about plastic straws. It's clear as day who the adults in the room are.


  1. MAGA
    Build the Wall
    Lock Her up

  2. As someone on fixed income, I'll mention that the more the economy booms, the further we get left behind and the less our money is worth. So it seems that behind every silver lining is a cloud. - lol

  3. If Trump can figure out a way to sell the piles of human shit in San Francisco to China we're headed to a 10.0 GDP Growth...Democrat politicians included in the export! MAGA!

    1. Maybe Canada would buy it? It is liberal feces.

  4. So how do you explain this, Paul Krugman? (crickets)