Saturday, July 28, 2018

Maybe 20 years ago I had Jere Davidson engrave a Freedom Arms revolver for me.

The Engraver // Jere Davidson from Shaking Hands Productions on Vimeo.

Jere told me the steel Freedom Arms uses was so hard it was an extra difficult job.

It's my only engraved gun, mainly because I had kids and needed to pay for Catholic school instead of this kind of foolishness.  I'm glad to see Jere is still working his magic.

I had him do a grizzly bear on it, and he nailed it.


  1. I had an uncle who was a small town jeweler and gunsmith. He could do engraving. He had American Derringer make him a dozen 45ACP derringers, a caliber that they do not usually make. He did scroll work on all of them and gave them to his 3 brother-in laws and all of his nephews.

    I carried mine for a number of years. I lost it when I was in a car wreck and transported to the hospital. It disappeared somewhere at the hospital.