Tuesday, July 24, 2018

The park, I learned today, is closed due to a forest fire.

The park right now.  A bit smoky, but better than it was.


  1. Okay, dumb question number 57,000. Closed due to a fire? So, when does all the undergrowth and dead stuff get burned up in fires, and when does it become a non factor in fires?
    Get my drift? I thought all the fires "out west" were due to "not letting nature takes its course and burn" and "man has kept the natural fires from burning" and "there is plenty of duff in the forest, to cause fires"
    Whew, sorry the coffee hasn't cleared the evening cobwebs. Hope I'm making some sense. Might not, but, I'm trying


    1. Absolutely correct. When the pioneers first showed up, they described the Sierra forest as being like an English park, huge trees and no significant undergrowth. The authorities have been trying to mitigate using controlled burns, but there´s only so much they can do. Most of these fires start in the foothills, where there is thick manzanita and other brush, and once that gets going in the middle of a hot summer, it´s really hard to stop.