Tuesday, July 31, 2018

We need a lot more of these birds here right now.


  1. They do a great job when it's on the line.

  2. Could be worse. The state bird of Oklahoma is the house trailer.

  3. The first time I saw one of those drops I was standing by the ridge line behind our house in Sebastopol Calif, it was 1972 or so. I was wearing boots, blue jeans & a tee shirt, carrying a shovel. All the guys around me are turning up their collars on their firefighter jackets, getting set under their helmets and laughing a little because they know the bomber is coming & I'm in a tee shirt.
    It opened up and down came all the colored stuff, and it all landed on the other side of the ridge.
    Not a drop on me & it stopped the fire! I still remember looking up and watching that stuff falling.

  4. Dealing with the Sierra Club legacy.

    1. I wonder how many spotted owls were killed in the fire and how many simply flew away from it?

  5. My buddy in Idaho Falls makes the retardant.
    They are at 500 tons a day, and just keeping up with demand.

  6. The Water Tanks in those Big Jets are Pressurized with Bleed Air from the Engines, and when the Valve is Opened, they get Thousands of Pounds of Thrust from it; that lets them get Crazy-low in the Canyons and Rocket Out, where a Gravity-Tank Bird would Crash.