Sunday, July 29, 2018

Très interessant.


  1. I have no general interest in somewhere it's cold enough in the winter to need one. However, they are very cool, and make a lot of sense. I'm sure that they're expensive.

  2. Q#1: (Asked by old guys like me) What length extension cord does it have?

    Q#2 (asked by millennials): Does it come standard with WiFi access?

    Q#3 (Asked by Democrats roughly Bernie or Nancy's age ) Does the heater work better than my 1964 VW Beetle's did?

    1. I wanna know what happens if the hitch fails while full throttle? You get stranded and the contraption goes cross country whillie nillie?

  3. How nice, a massive mobile battery pack, and oh yeah, you can drag along behind, too. If you want.

  4. It won't fly, pun intended, Caterpillar tried a gas powered unit that was similar in the early 60s and it was a failure. Bombardier's Ski-Doo ruled.

  5. In the mid to late 60's we had a near copy of this, a Hus-Ski. This was before FMC and Bolens bought the company and moved it to Canada. For a early snowmobile, it was a tank to turn at low speeds, at speed it would turn on a dime. It also had a 10hp JLO engine that was a pain to start, but once it got going, it would run most of the time.