Thursday, July 12, 2018

The daughter and I watched the movie "Trollhunter" the other day, and I realized that at the very end there was a cameo appearance by Jens Stoltenberg, who is now, incredibly, the NATO head and Trump punching bag.

Here's the clip, with Jens accidentally blurting out the uncomfortable truth that there were trolls in Norway.

Here he is today, with Mr. T.

The movie, by the way, is really entertaining, even though it's in Norwegian.

"Troooooooolllllll !!!!"


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only fan of that movie. Really well done, on a budget that was probably not enough to buy a nice used Toyota. What a great job they did.


    1. Yep, super entertaining, and totally non predictable. A great watch from beginning to end.

  2. I absolutely love that movie. I did not know what I was watching, a Norwegian friend just put it on. The Norwegian language just adds to the atmosphere of the film.