Friday, July 6, 2018

Pelosi just said today that creating so many new jobs was "reckless."


  1. That's why they'll lose the election.

  2. She's a blithering idiot only to be out blithered by Maxine Waters.

    The Democrat version of Ebony & Ivory!

  3. We are sure lucky in the enemies we have!

    There's the race to the bottom between Pelosi and Mad Maxine, and now Dianne Feinstein has entered the sweep with her comment about "The dogma lives loudly within you" speaking about prospective SCOTUS pick Amy Coney Barrett.

    Can't wait to find out Who Will Be The Biggest Loser!

    1. Who will be the biggest Loser, Eskyman? Hell, I know that race is still at the starting line, but I'm still trying to figure which one of these babes broke the tape first in the falling out of the ugly tree marathon.

  4. ok i can agree with their demands. now to see if they can "live" with that. oh, damn....i mis-spoke yet again.....where is that delete.....

  5. Well if you look at it from the perspective that a job interferes with your pursuit of artful existence and deviancy