Tuesday, July 10, 2018

P-38 night fighter variant at rest at an airfield

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  1. not only lost two .50s up front but had the RO stuffed behind the rear wing spar and curled up like a pretzel to fit. Vacuum tubes took up a lot of space and i imaging there were issues when the weapons fired at night as in close eyes and squeeze trigger. Northrup black widow was a big leap ahead for night fighters.
    knew a retired propeller engineer in sacremento name of Drummand long ago who worked in the Connie and p38 program. told me how they tried four blade "paddle blade" props on a P38L because of the props success on the P51 and P47. they were attempting to increase high altitude thrust with more prop. the things caused harmonic vibrations in the cockpit module that the AAF did not want to spend money to fix so it was dropped. it would have taken a higher ratio PSRU to reduce prop rpm and reworking the nacelles but would have added 40kts to the high altitude speed. not an insignificant amount. just not worth the cost as the P51 and P47 were doing the high altitude chores.