Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Once upon a time….HMS Eagle, HMS Bulwark, HMAS Melbourne and HMS Victorious

Back when Britannia at least made an effort at ruling the waves.


  1. The ineffable sadness of British collapse. Those carriers (4!!!!) are long gone.

    Britain is no longer even a white, Christian country. And PM May is sabotaging Brexit. Under her plan, Britain will be subject to all the rules and regulations of the EU, but it will no longer have a vote in any EU agency.

    1. Ineffable sadness is exactly right; there are no more Nelsons, nor will there be. Alas for England, it is no more.

  2. Next thing you know the next aircraft carrier bBritain gets will be made by the snail eaters.

  3. Great Britain lost its military power because it could not afford to pay for it. they had war debts to pay. there was rationing well into the 1950s, their industries were rationed raw materials unless the products were going to be exported. they were desperate to get the cash to pay their war debts.
    so, why was that not so in the US? can you say deficit spending? the Democrats liked spending money, even money they didn't have. they got used to it during the depression bailouts and during WW2. the cold war was a godsend for Democrats as that allowed the print shops to keep going. its been that way ever since.
    knock the British all you want, they paid their monetary war debts. we never did. we just put it off so long as some one was willing to loan us more money.
    one of the better schemes i have heard of is sending the French a bill for what it cost to free them from the nazi scourge.