Wednesday, July 11, 2018

OMG! Trump goes to NATO and instantly shoves their bad behavior right up their (_o_).

Calls out Stoltenberg immediately and then turns on Germany, giving them a B slapping they didn't expect.  Stoltenberg was shaking after that, and I doubt any of those Euros had an appetite.

That was not diplomatic.  That was not expected by the NATO folk.  The press must have been bug eyed by that performance.

Alpha male dominating the room.  Beta males and females in frozen in terror.  Amazing

Update: check out the sour look on Stoltenberg's face here, while Trump talks, or probably bellows, at the press.


  1. spending a bit of cash now is always better than spending a lot of lives because the other guy thought you were weak. look at Ukraine and its fight to exist.
    twice last century the US sent men and women into battle because "sophisticated European leaders" forgot the rules of the jungle and thought appeasing the lioness's appetite with those who ran slower would allow them to escape the menu. they forgot about the hyenas. I don't want American sons and daughters to have to pull their asses out of the frying pan again just because they did not spend some cash to defend their own way of life. I have difficulty believing Eurotrash is worth our youth and treasure if they themselves don't believe they are worth defending themselves. socialist herd mentality at work there.

  2. President Trump loves dropping political bombs. He asks no quarter and gives no quarter. Finally a president who leads from the front.I love it.

  3. Let me check... (sounds of patting down, thermometer in mouth, pulse taken, blood drawn... wait, wait, wait... results come back, rifle through, consult big book of doom...)

    Nope. Not tired of winning yet. Not tired of winning at all. In fact, seems this country is healthier than it has been in the last 20+ years. (smiles...)

  4. Not diplomatic? Maybe so however from my cheap seat view somteimes being diplomatic is just a political type of P.C. Sometimes, in my humble opinion, a well placed f... y... gets the point home and saves a lot of time.

  5. Sic 'em, Donald! Good boy! - LOL

  6. What a lovely video that was!

    It's too bad they didn't show Stoltenberg's expression while Trump was speaking, but I can imagine he was aghast. Such direct and to-the-point talk!

    Trump's point: do not willingly give the bully your lunch money and expect US taxpayers to provide you lunch and protection besides! I thought his point about Europeans having already got rid of coal and nuclear power was excellent, too. They have hoisted themselves by their own petard!

  7. Almost equally as amusing was the expected & unhinged responses from REgressives here. I especially liked Old HorseFace Kerry's breathless expectations of certain death for most of the world because of our plain spoken President.

    Also chipping in with doom & gloom were a cadre of ex Obama administration pols like Susan "the liar" Rice and Ben "they'll believe anything" Rhodes.

    Fucking losers, everyone of them.