Monday, July 9, 2018

Boris Johnson

Theresa May hates him


  1. The poor Brits. They're screwed whatever they do; that obnoxious lying May creature is what passes for a conservative, and the Labor party over there is solid Communist, so there's no help in sight.

    All of the "elites" are scared to death of offending islam, so Britain will be swallowed up by the Caliphate. Turn off the lights, they're done.

  2. I don't count the brits out so soon. the people, not the elites, have a habit of lets say decapitating its leadership when they get to far out of hand. its the midlevel british leaders people should keep an eye on. thats where the nonsense from the govt leadership hits the fan.
    people want to feel safe and be taken care of. herd mentality and all that. hence the socialism.
    high level politics in britian is a mere shade of what it was in the past. it could, with intervention of the head of state(king or queen) change very very quickly. perhaps not this queen, but this too shall pass as all things do.
    the greatest problem I as an outsider can see is the population as a whole is disarmed and unwilling to defy poor leadership.