Monday, July 9, 2018

Beijing Orders State Media "Not To Use Aggressive Language" For Trump

I can't imagine they'd do the same for Obama.

One would think that with a China-US trade war now under way, China's natural impulse was to lash out against Trump, not only in the state-controlled media, but also in statements by top ranking officials.

However, instead Beijing has directed state media to watch how they report on US President Donald Trump, mainland media sources said.

“It’s been said that we should not use aggressive language for Trump,” said a South China Morning Post source, who added that the edict called on media outlets not to make vulgar attacks on Trump to avoid "making this a war of insults", similar to angry back and forth between Trump and North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un last summer.
In an oddly demure move for China, even though local officials and state media have attacked the trade policies of the Trump administration, so far they have not laid blame on the US president or his officials, "a move seen as an attempt to avoid antagonising Trump and further complicating negotiations."
Meanwhile, Trump has so far also avoided flinging insults directly at President Xi Jinping, instead reiterating in person and via Twitter that the two “will always be friends, no matter what happens with our dispute on trade”.

Commenting on the decree, Sow Keat Tok, a University of Melbourne lecturer on China’s foreign relations, said that since Trump’s rhetoric has focused on the trade war instead of Xi, the Chinese leader has in turn refrained from making statements about Trump.
“[Xi] allowed the Ministry of Commerce to send out messages instead, again framing the trade as a state-to-state interaction,” he said.
“Restraining the state media is important, lest some enthusiastic reporters mention Trump in their pieces. The message is not to antagonise Trump personally, but [to] keep the affair in the realm of state policy.”
So basically, Trump has established a sort of personal relationship with Dictator  Xi that allows them to disagree on major state issues, but not make it personal.   That seems like a very important development, and one that the Democrats might want to ponder adopting for their relationship with this administration, if they have the wit to do it, which I doubt.

It will also be interesting to see what Sundance might have to say about this development over at the Conservative Treehouse.


  1. This is a wise move. The one thing the Trump critics have failed
    to learn is that he never backs down to anyone! Donald Trump is
    the modern incarnation of the 19th century wagon dealer CW Whomphopper
    or Cal Worthing, the owner of a chain of Ford dealerships on the West
    coast. If a vendor or contractor tried screw him, Trump would dicker
    him down to a reasonable price. If he is selling something, he will
    start out high and let the customer negotiate the deal down to the
    price he had in mind all along.

    Hey honey I just a new Ford station wagon, and boy did I screw the
    dealer! That is what the President lives for. All this talk of tariffs
    with China, Canada and Mexico follow his "Prime directive." All this
    talk of trade wars is just his way of renegotiating ill conceived
    trade treaties. The same goes for his calls for the UN and NATO
    to carry their weight. Canada, Mexico and China have far more to
    lose in a trade war than we do.

    Once this is all over, it will relate to a more equitable deal that
    will benefit working-class Americans. Fer craps sake an out and out
    socialist was elected president in Mexico just a few days ago.
    He just issued a statement declaring that he is going to clamp down
    on illegal immigration at his Southern border.

    He may be a Marxist but he is not stupid. He knows that a for real
    trade war will devistate Mexico's economy. He also knows that
    Obambam's DACA scam primarily benefited the drug cartels and other
    criminal entities. If you are a Mexican criminal alien, all you
    had to do is borrow, rent, buy or kidnap a Mexican or Central
    American kid and claim they migrated from Honduras or name the
    country. Ubangi's catch and release policy resulted in 95 percent
    of these aliens abandoning their "children." by failing to return
    for their "refugee" hearing."

    As for those who were not caught, the children ended up in slave
    and child sex slave rings in America. If Felonia von Pantsuit had
    won, we would not have seen these high profile roundups of human
    trafficing rings!

  2. President Xi and President Trump are friends. I know this for a fact. There is mutual respect between the two. That's a good thing.

    Friends don't have to agree on everything, but they can talk about anything. And that's a very good thing.

    1. That is a good thing, but Xi has a better haircut.

  3. Re: "It will also be interesting to see what Sundance might have to say about this development over at the Conservative Treehouse"

    You might well think that ... but I'll keep looking here first.

    There be in quality in the writing, as well as discernment of what you and your commentariat share.

  4. comparing Xi's and our democrats and sjw and libtard press responses to trump and his administrations actions is like comparing an adult with screaming entitled ignorant children who didn't get their daily enema.