Friday, July 6, 2018

Antifa coming to your town? Be ready.


  1. you need to modify the case with a plastic boat horn glued to the nozzle and paint the body gray. that way the antifa criminals will think your going to honk at them and open their mouths wide to yell right before they get the spray. surprise! goes right thru fabric face mask. if they are wearing a helmet/faceshield, the spray should be directed at the neck or lapel area. the die will set and the splash is effective also.another good use for the can of gray paint you used on the bottle is to spray the faceshields the little antifa asshats wear. frustrating when they have to take the faceshield off to see. then there is always the old right guard aerosol and a bic lighter to brighten some ones day. spray and light upwind and low. the phosgene cloud will rise and drift downwind. nasty.
    or have I misspoke yet again?