Thursday, July 12, 2018

10,000 Icelanders do the Viking War Clap


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    1. I prefer the Maori Haka for shiver evokers, grayjohn:

  2. What happened to Vikings?

  3. Check out the CrossFit Games on You Tube, search for the Icelandic girls. Three are major champions! Pretty amazing for such a small populace.

  4. After living in Iceland for several years we had heard that there are no "beautiful" Icelandic girls in Iceland any more. it was pointed out that more than one Icelandic saga talks of the beautiful women hidden behind every tree on the island. we know that the last tree was cut down for charcoal tribute to the Danish Kingdom over five hundred years ago. There are no trees to hide Iceland's original stock of beautiful women behind. judging from the beautiful and gorgeous women in Denmark, we suspected the trees were not the only tribute sent to the Danes. true to the saga's writing,the only "beautiful" women in Iceland are imported women surreptitiously brought in from foreign lands(most probably from Norway, a land rife with the most beautiful women ever known to mankind) by Icelandic raiders desperate to find a reason to survive the next winter.
    Know you now why modern day Icelandic women are so beautiful and pleasing to the eye.