Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Your Good News of the Day

June 2016: "Obama referenced Trump's promise to bring back jobs to the United States when talking about manufacturing. 'What magic wand do you have?'" March 2018: Trump: "Abracadabra, clown."


  1. By renegotiating treaties, reducing regulations on business and reducing taxes, President Trump is only doing what any CEO who is concerned about the bottom line would do. Barack never did anything but be a parasite his whole life, so it's not surprising that he was flummoxed.

  2. It would be great if they refused the Presidential Library that's being built in Illinois any steel.

  3. obama was clueless as to anything business related, having never even run so much as a bicycle shop in his entire life....that said, the steel mill may be hiring 500 people back while the steel consuming businesses across the state might be laying off at least that many....not sure that will happen, but many business leaders have said as much....