Friday, March 23, 2018

Rand Paul finds some problems in the budget bill - veto this and start again!

Demand a veto! It only takes a minute.


  1. Why do we do this crap EVERY TIME?

  2. Well, he signed it. Far as I can tell it is a huge gift for the Dems, and a poke in the eye to Trump supporters.

    Whenever you see Scheming Schumer and Crazy Nancy Pelosi smiling like Stalin has just come to their birthday party, you know that it's bad news for Americans. Guess what, they're happy as Larry! For me though, there's no joy in Mudville: the mighty Trump has struck out.

    Yes, I still support him, and I do realize that he's already done a lot; but this dreadful Bill gives money to all the wrong people, such as funding "sanctuary" cities & states, funding Planned BabyMurder, but nothing for The Wall. Just to add insult to injury, there's even more Gun Control.

    It's hard to stay enthusiastic when this kind of thing happens. I am depressed, to say the least. If only there were at least some indictments of at least a few of those many criminals who deserve to be in jail already!

  3. trump should have shut down the government all summer if necessary to get a real budget sent to him. what we are handed is just crap. CRAP!