Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Chinese reporters dramatic eye roll at another reporter's stupid, long winded question sparks political panic among the Commie leaders of that country

You can't watch the above video in Red China anymore.  Too scary to the government.  How pathetic and cowardly.

A journalist’s name has become the most censored term on Chinese social media after her dramatic reaction to a softball question posed by a fellow reporter at a choreographed press conference.
Liang Xiangyi, from the financial outlet Yicai, was unable to hide her disdain at what was likely a vetted query at China’s National People’s Congress.
In a moment captured on video, she begins to scoff as the reporter asks an official a lengthy question.
Ms Liang, dressed in blue, then turns towards the questioner and looks her up and down in revulsion, before performing a spectacular eye-roll.
Captured by China’s national broadcaster China Central Television (CCTV), the moment spread like wildfire across Chinese social media.
The question was presented by Zhang Huijun, of the US-based American Multimedia Television, which has links with China’s state-owned CCTV.
After introducing herself, she asks a rambling question about the protection of state-owned enterprises and President Xi Jinping's infrastructure project the Belt and Road Initiative.
Congress press conferences are known for their highly controlled environments, in which news outlets with links to the Chinese government are called on to ask officials flattering questions, which are often agreed on in advance.
The eye-roll, a rare break from the artifice of such press conferences, has been immortalised on social media with GIFs and memes, with many users expressing support for Ms Liang.
“Nicely done! You gave an eye-roll on our behalf!” one Weibo user said.


  1. The Liang family should keep a lookout for a bill soon to arrive in their mail. It'll be for the price of a single round of pistol ammunition. The charge for administration of said lead to back of Xiangyi's head will be written off as a courtesy service.

  2. It isn't just China that fears journalists. Cute Canadian Lauren Southern was banned from entering the UK; apparently they fear that Christians will run over muslims with their cars. Good thing those jihadis cause no problems!