Sunday, August 13, 2017

Roger Simon adds a voice of sanity and good sense

Really.  I have never in my life met an actual Nazi, nor to my knowledge a Klansman, or even heard of one being around, as opposed to what is said on the news.  Roger's take explains that pretty well. 

In the real America, virtually everyone gets along well, and in spite of the news, the trend is positive.


  1. White supremacists are no worse than the NAACP, Black Lives Matter The Black Caucus, and similar groups. They're just less politically correct because the liberals say so.

    1. And I meant to add the Black Panthers.

    2. For YEARS, "Occupy Wall Street" and "Black Lives Matter" ANIMALS have wreaked havoc and destruction around the country...with nary a raised eyebrow from the Left OR Right.

      The protesters were focused on PREVENTING Civil War HISTORY FROM BEING ERASED.

      That others came does not negate that, nor does it mean all who came were "neo Nazis"...unless you are on the Right and wish to be a USEFUL IDIOT of the Left by parroting their LIES.

  2. Because of my employment, I met Stan Widdick, then president of the American Nazi party and Tom Metzger, who was part of the Klan, but also started (with his son) the White Aryan Resistance (WAR). I would not have met them if I wasn't a police officer. Widdick worked at a warehouse because it was the only job he could hold. He told me that people kept firing him when they learned of his politics. He was a figurehead, not a firebrand. Metzger was more charismatic, more manipulative, and made a lot of money on the business and branding. For Metzger, it was a belief - and a mechanism to make money. They used to debate Irv Rubin of the Jewish Defense league on the Wally George Show, KDOC TV. Irv would pull off Metzger's wig, Metzger would blaggard the jews and so forth. All of them made money and KDOC got the ratings.

    That's the game.

    I met Eldrich Cleaver after his Panther days when he'd become a Mormon. His was an interesting story. When he became disillusioned, he was honest enough to take stock of himself. Not Metzger - if he actually ever became disillusioned.

  3. Roger Simon does NOT add "sanity" or "good sense;" Roger Simon shows his
    1) bigotry
    2) hatred
    3) Jewishness-as-Victim Card

    This protest was against the ISIS-like destruction of historic statues. OH MY: yes, white people there also said, "enough of your White-Hate, we are proud of who we are!"

    That was the original purpose, for which they got a permit, which was given, revoked and then, upon suit, reinstated.

    THEN came the Left's Antifa and Anarchists to raise violence.

    THEN Communist/Clinton Governor McAuliffe got in the mix.

    THEN Charlottesville police made sure the PEACEFUL Rightwing protesters (which DID then include Rightwing militia and pro-Nazi types...and so what? It's a free country) were FORCED INTO A SITUATION of being confronted with the CRIMINALLY VIOLENT LEFTISTS (who were allowed to march WITHOUT permit) which made the situation what you saw.

    But NOOOOOOOOOO, only Useful Idiot DUPES on the Right (looking at Simon) have to PARROT the Left Media and claim ALL were neo-Nazis and deserve to be discredited and blamed.

    This is not the first time Simon wet his media diapers; he attacked anyone who questioned Romney's "big government/RomneyCare) stance as "in need of mental help," and was VEHEMENTLY against President Trump.

    Take THAT into account when you read screeds by that individual.

  4. It's always the Communist Party, USA (by whatever name) who provoke this organized violence against anything representing traditional white, male, heterosexual, Christian, America.

    Yes, it's even a repeat of what happened in Germany during the rise of the Third Reich, when the German people were reacting to the threat of Bolshevism.

    1. This time, it is Antifa and BLM types who take the role of the Nazi's Sturmabteilung (SA).

  5. Because I'm now an old man, I grew up during the so-called "Civil Rights Movement", as an "Army brat", in the racially segregated Southern community of Spring Lake, Cumberland County, North Carolina, just outside the main gate of Fort Bragg.

    I remember when the Ku Klux Klan held a rally on the Lumbee Indian Reservation in Robeson County, and the Lumbee Indians attacked them and drove them away, which had all of us kids laughing at the Ku Klux Klan.

    When driving my car and crossing the state line from Virginia into North Carolina, there was a huge billboard by the side of the Interstate depicting a Ku Klux Klansman mounted on a rearing stallion, holding a Confederate banner, with the words, "WELCOME TO NORTH CAROLINA! THIS IS KU KLUX KLAN COUNTRY!"

    As an idealistic youth in North Carolina, I thought that all races were equal and that all men were brothers, and therefore, racial integration was going to be a good thing.

    But, many years have passed, and having witnessed the actual results of racial integration, my opinions have drastically changed, i.e., all races are not equal, and all men are not brothers (or at least, don't act like it).

    I did once know a guy who claimed to be a member of the Ku Klux Klan, but all he ever did was show off his membership card.

    1. By the way, life in a racially segregated community was a lot safer, cleaner, more orderly, better educated, and more courteous than our society is today.

      Our ancestors enacted Racial Segregation and "Jim Crow" legislation, not to persecute black people, but for the protection of white people, having seen what blacks would do when the Southern states were being so sorely oppressed during the horrible days of Reconstruction.

      Don't take my word for it.

      Read the history books.

    2. Agree John Robert Mallernee,

      Just take a look at the situation in South Africa currently. It doesn't get a lot of America press but when Pandora's box is opened it does not release Unicorns, rainbows and glitter.

  6. Commenters have it right. I no longer take the media's framing of any situation; they're always pushing their own agenda.

    Looking at most MSM reports of the Charlottesville affair, there are only two sides: the good, holy and diverse Democrat side, and the hateful white supremacist side, filled with Nazis and stormtroopers "stomping" through the city.

    Never mind that the protest was about the City of Charlottesville "erasing" history by removing statues of General Lee; where the protest was to take place in Lee Park, renamed "Emancipation Park" to spit in the eye of any who still revere the past; that the protest march was legal, while the so-called Antifa fascists were not.

    The way the MSM framed it, anyone who was in Charlottesville who was white was a "white nationalist," i.e. Nazi, or a "white supremacist," i.e. Nazi. They never bother to remind readers that the Nazis were left-wing totalitarians, also known as National Socialists!