Sunday, August 27, 2017

Adding now to my list of "must visit sometime" little known locations, Eyebrow, Saskatchewan

BW Bandy tipped me off to this wonder.
 Eyebrow is located at the intersection of Highway 367 and Highway 42. The village is 84 km northwest of Moose Jaw, 154 km northwest of Regina and 196 km south of Saskatoon.

Of course, it's just up the road from Moose Jaw.  Can the village of Eyeball be far away?

BW recommends this eatery in town, the Hi Way Cafe and Pot Hole Tavern.  Most certainly I'll patronize when I visit.  For fun, I should call that number and ask about their pie.

Meanwhile, out of town, there's the ubiquitous Sask Wheat Pool grain elevator.  

I wonder how many river ferry crossings I could make within a day's drive?  One day I'll find out.

Update: just tried to call the Hi Way Cafe in Eyebrow, but nobody answered.  They're either closed on Sunday (likely), or too busy during lunch rush (unlikely - Eyebrow has a population of 135). Or, their caller ID showed a call from California, and they just raised their eyebrow and ignored it!

 I'll give it another go tomorrow.


  1. Did you plan to prank the call?

    1. No, I was just going to ask what kind of pie they had, then see if they had a website. I planned to be very nice. These are Canadians, LL, the nicest people in the world. We must respect that, and try to be just as nice.