Tuesday, August 29, 2017

About time.

Eric Clanton, formerly a professor at Diablo Valley College, has been charged with assault for an April incident in which he allegedly bashed a Trump supporter over the head with a bike lock. The victim’s head was left bloodied and wrapped in bandages.

The professor's victim

Here's the professor's actual attack.  Notice how he sneaks up, like the coward he is, behind a woman for cover, then strikes.  

The real story is the incredible work the internet did to identify him and push the DA into filing charges.

If convicted, Professor Clanton deserves to  rot in jail for decades.  Best of luck to the DA on this one.


  1. Congratulations go to the weaponized autists at 4chan who analyzed video, found identifying characteristics and winnowed out the culprit from the scant clues they discovered. Truly amazing detective work!

    They also made a fool of Shia LeBeouf which was hilarious:


  2. I really can't comprehend why the cops aren't forced to do their jobs, and the mayors arrested if they won't let them. Rioters and vandals should be shot on sight like they were 100 years ago and this crap would end pronto.

  3. Ideology is to blame. Those ideologs who follow marxism, communism, socialism or any other of the "ism's" are transformed from reasonable human beings who would never hurt another, to vicious individuals, willing to engage in senseless violence, killing and all manner of uncivilized behavior. All while railing against "hate" "intolerance" "greed" or any other social boogeyman. They have labeled all "nonbelievers" as "socially harmful elements".

  4. If you're going to a Trump event, wear a helmet...

    1. Problem is, in these areas the mayor & local gov't are liberal. They're on the antifa side, and issue instructions to their police to disarm Trump supporters & render them incapable of self-defense. They don't disarm the antifa though, who usually are the larger & more violent mob anyway; so the outcome is preordained.

      Trump supporters get beat up; then the MSM paints the Trump supporters as right-wing Nazi bigots while the actual instigators of the violence are praised as "fighting against the depraved Right."

      Remember when "I disagree with what you say, but will fight to the death for your right to say it" was the common American position on free speech? Not any more. We have fallen a long long way.