Saturday, August 26, 2017

California finds something else to try to tax

Your water.

Here's how this works.  The state will try with every ounce of its power to seize control of as much of your income and your rights as it can.  That's the basic rule of all state activity.

The scam is always some variant of what we see here.  A worthy cause that needs to be supported or a public problem that should be addressed.  This works best if there is some legitimacy to the need or problem, and it works even better if those affected can be characterized as poor, non white or in any way disadvantaged.

Instead of using the money sources they already have to address the issue, the state whines that it needs, usually desperately, new revenue streams through taxation to allow the state access to the money it needs to make it all better.

At first glance, sounds good and right to most people.

But, it's that old camel nose under the tent.  Even if the tax allowed is initially low, or "negligible" as is argued in this instance, it will never stay that way.  There will always be a new problem that now needs to urgently be addressed by our betters in government, and that will require the tax to go up.

And go up it will, until the state is seizing as much money from your water bill as it can possibly get away with.

Will the state solve the original problem?  Maybe, but probably not, as that problem is the justification for the tax, and if they make that problem go away, then someone might start in on lowering or even eliminating their income stream.

In short, never let the state get the chance to grab more of your money, for any reason.  Isn't the current regime of income, property, sales and gas tax enough?  Aren't the multitude of fees, charges, registration levies , and general charges for every government service enough?  What's next, a tax on the air you breathe?

No more.


  1. Remember when the toll on the Golden Gate Bridge was 25 cents and it was going to go away once the bridge was paid for?

  2. Halting work on your super train to nowhere would cover this expense a hundred times over without a new tax.

    1. But gotta pay off the unions, who will recycle some of that public money as donations to the Dems.

  3. California gave Democratic Legislature a super majority. They can seize as much of your income as they want to and laugh as you protest. The best thing to do is get together with some of your own friends, create a kickback scheme with the local Party apparatchik and possibly a labor union and skim from the great unwashed. Maybe a unicorn rescue program? Maybe some sort of firearms restriction program that exempts union leaders and legislators (the way that the current program does)? The more absurd the program sounds, and the more money you can skim, the more likely it is to make it into law. What about an Islamic outreach to provide Halal lunches to rag heads with no access while they're working? Of course, you'll need a sea plane to get to those remote locations with the lunches - and a yacht to take lunches to rag-heads-at-sea. That's how it works.

    And it's why I sold my house after they built a mosque down the street and why I'm leaving the state. No more.

    1. Or a Prop 13 style movement to limit the state's ability to tax things like food, gas and property. Shrink the monster down to size.

  4. The beast is fueled by graft and the kick-backs reach the highest levels. Thus there is no motivation to fix the fierce feeding on the California carcass

  5. On taxing the air we breathe ... shhh! Don't give them any more ideas! Please. They will put their climate change scientists on it to compute an outrageous volume of O's which cannot be disputed, because of settle science.

  6. I forget when but back on jolly olde England they used to tax sunlight that entered building and to this day you can see loads of building across the land that had their windows bricked in. A short time later they taxed candles and again the people found an alternative in the form of reeds that grew wild all over the place that burned well enough to replace candles.

    When I lived there they taxed you if you used a device to receive and watch a TV signal by forcing you to buy a TV license. B&W was cheaper than color. They taxed you is you used a garden hose attached to an outside spigot. People actually saved their bath water to water their gardens.

    I came to the conclusion that the only way the British would revolt against taxes is if the govt taxed car boot sales (a form of yard sale).