Saturday, August 26, 2017

The Art of Speed


  1. Beautiful automobile. But as to speed, it couldn't get out of its own way. I've seen them beaten from a stop light by a souped-up Vespa.

  2. Back in HS I had a friend whose Dad drove an MG-TD. (Well, he drove it when it was running, which wasn't 100% of the time.) What a babe magnet!

    I had a Lambretta 125LD at the time; you're right Tman2, I could wipe him out from a standing start. Still, my scooter didn't attract the gals, and that MG sure did. Sigh.

    Here in SoCal I see all sorts of vehicles, but seldom do I ever see an old MG. They just don't seem to stay running all that well, though they sure are pretty.